Low Tension control panel

Operating voltages below 440 volts are called as low tension systems. In this system there are many kinds of panels.

L.T. control panel

India Electricals
  • Power control centers (PCC) up to 10,000 A.
  • Motor control centers (MCC), Distribution panels.
  • Automatic Power Factor Controller (APFC) and Capacitor controlpanels.
  • Auto Mains Failure (AMF) panels.
  • Bus ducts up to 15,000A.
  • Bigger starters for Slip ring and Auto transformer starters, Soft start Starters.
  • PLC , DCS, based systems and process control panels.
  • D.G.Set Canopy, Compressor control panels for Winery and chilling plants.
  • Fire protection panels, Control desks, and Custom built panels.
  • Transformer and Capacitor testing panels for these products manufacturing units.
  • Automatic Cooling systems for 400 KVA, HT – Transformers in MSEB switch yards.
  • All types of out-door - FEEDER PILLERS - MCC, PCC

The panels, that are mainly used to control the powers are called PCC panels. The sizes of the panels depends upon the amount of current it handles. Almost all types of industries requires these types of the panels.

The range is right from 16 A to 10,000 A, There is one incomer of proper capacity and many out goings feeders for these panel.

The switchgears may be Air circuit breakers ( ACB ) OR Molded Case Circuit Breaker ( MCCB ) OR Switch Disconnector Fuse unit (SDF).

The bus bars may be of electrolytic grade Copper strips or Aluminum strips. Generally in india aluminum strips are mostly used as the cost is somewhat cheaper than copper.

Our few L.T. items are as shown below

Sample L.T. Panel
Sample L.T. Panel
Sample L.T. Panel
Sample L.T. Panel
Sample L.T. Panel
Sample L.T. Panel
Sample L.T. Panel
Sample L.T. Panel
  • Panel-A: Main panel for Sahyadri Agro and Dairy Ltd. Baramati,1000 A, ACB MSEB,incomer,630 A, D.G.Set incomer, with MCCB type AUTO CHANGE OVER.
  • Panel-B: Main panel for Satish Sugars, Hunshyal P.G.( Gokak ),3200A,Incomer and 3200 A, Bus coupler, 630 A, SDF out-going.
  • Panel-C: Main panel for SCHRIBER DYNAMIX DAIRY LTD. BARAMATI (PUNE ), 4000A, FP,MSEB incomer , 3200 A, FP,Bus coupler,2500A,FP.Out-going with mechanical as well as electrical.
  • Panel-D: Main panel for TULASI CASTINGS – MIDC KUPWAD.
  • Panel-E: Main panel for SANJIY GHODAVAT INSTITUTE ATIGRE(Kolhapur) 800A,Legrand make ACB and 800 A, HPL make ATS with Legrand make MCCB.
  • Panel-F: Main panel for Warna Dairy Barshi unit, Maim incomer – 800 A, change over switch and 800 A, ACB, outgoing – 200A, 630 A, 400A, 125 A, MCCB.
  • Panel-G: Multi party MSEB ,PCC panel with one incomer and different out going with separate MSEB energy meters.
  • Panel-H: A PCC Panel fitted at Ghodawat Farm House, at Majale Dist Kolhapur. The panel was made Squire C shaped .Two MSEB, Four D.G.Set incomer powers with APFC capacitor Panels.